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For more than three decades, I've been immersed in the enchanting world of mixed media mosaic art. It's a passion that has led me on a journey through the tapestry of sacred art from various corners of our incredible world. There's something truly magical about the fusion of creativity and spirit that's been a constant thread throughout cultures since ancient times.

I view the act of creating art as a multisensory meditation. It's a process that lets me tap into a wellspring of inspiration, joy, and well-being. And it's an absolute joy to share my artwork and collaborate with fellow creative souls on their own unique journeys.

I hold a Masters in Education/Art, and my 30+ years of professional experience in the healing arts infuse everything I create. It's this rich tapestry of knowledge and experience that I pour into everything I share with you.

My journey has been one of soulful adventure exploring various paths that have contributed to my artistic and healing gifts. From immersing myself in multicultural wisdom traditions to mastering Qi-Gong, energy medicine, and the gentle touch of Reiki, I've gathered a diverse set of skills to enhance my creative expression.

Currently I am living on the Oregon coast with my beloved partner and two adorable cats. I work at the Overleaf Spa and Lodge as lead Spa Therapist offering botanical facials, body treatments and hands-on energy healing. I have been working professionally in wellness spas as a consultant for many years. It's a role I cherish because I genuinely love what I do, and there's nothing more fulfilling than guiding others on their path of healing, creativity, and inspired transformation.

So, whether you're here to explore my art, embark on a creative journey together, or simply connect with a kindred spirit, know that you're always welcome in this vibrant corner of the creative universe. Feel free to explore, ask questions, and join me on this beautiful journey of art, healing, and boundless inspiration!


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Client Praises

My Quan Yin altar exceeded all my expectations from the packaging,card, and delivery..I will treasure it for a lifetime


Artwork is truly inspirational, keeping our souls and oversouls alive..blessed and gorgeous.


Leslies’ artwork is beautiful to look at and a true delight to the soul.

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